3D-Druckdienstleistung On-Demand von voxeljet
3D Printing

Whether polymer models, plastic prototypes or moulds and cores for metal casting, right through to effective outsourced industrial production of small and medium-sized component and sand mould series. voxeljet is at your side worldwide as a reliable Additive Manufacturing Partner. As a pioneer and world-leading manufacturer of professional 3D printing systems for industry, we implement your projects in our service centers using state-of-the-art voxeljet machines in the highest quality.

voxeljet has competent 3D production specialists for intelligent additive manufacturing. In Germany alone, voxeljet offers on-demand service with production capacities of over 4,700,000 liters per year. In addition, voxeljet has efficient service centers in the USA and China, enabling it to solve even the most complex tasks. We offer short delivery routes directly on site with fast and attractive conditions.

Advantage of geometric and design freedom

Complex parts

3D on-demand production has no manufacturing limitations like conventional methods. Printable is what is constructively conceivable. Unrestricted.

Advantage of time saving

Short delivery times

CAD data goes directly into production without mold making. With our rapid production speed, production starts immediately whether single piece or series. You can’t produce faster without your own investment.

Advantage of cost efficient

Minimized costs

Thanks to the differentiated machine pool and highly productive systems for 24/7 operation, our 3D printing service centers can optimally adjust production to customer projects.

For the Delft Hyperloop capsule, we focused on ultra-lightweight components. On the basis of additively produced PMMA casting moulds from voxeljet's European 3D on-demand centers.

Universität Delft

HyperloopUniversität Delft

Produce in3D printing.Very quickly.Quite simple.

Design models, functional models, cores and molds for investment or sand casting, either plastic or sand, can be produced in the shortest time possible. At the same time, voxeljet makes your production in 3D extremely simple. Send us your CAD data and define the quality and application purpose of your component. Our experts will advise you on choosing the right process and material. We prepare your data for printing and take care of the rest. Done.

3D Parts On Demand by voxeljet

Parts On-Demand.Additive manufacturingin application.

voxeljet service centers realize functional prototyping and rapid prototyping, small and medium series production based on CAD data. On request, specialists can process and optimise your CAD data for production or produce the data in reverse engineering on the basis of plans or original components. Our service centers are technically well equipped to carry out your projects in a wide variety of materials for your specific requirements.

Sand casting applications

Sand molds and cores for metal casting. From single pieces to small series and medium runs. Manufactured without tools using the Binder Jetting process, we offer our customers an economical alternative to fast and flexible production. With specially matched sand binder combinations for a wide range of metals and alloys. For optimum casting results with small and extremely large components in a volume range from 300 x 200 x 150 mm³ to 4,000 x 2,000 x 1,000 mm³. Casting volumes of up to approx. 80 tons casting weight have already been realized.


  • Complex components: almost no limits in terms of geometry.
  • Detailed models: thanks to a print resolution of up to 300 dpi.
  • High dimensional accuracy: no risk of heat distortion in the printing process - even with extremely large components.
  • Cost-neutral optimization: molds can be digitally optimized and adapted at any time without the need for tools.
  • Suitable for hybrid construction: The sand cores can be combined with conventional molds. For example, when producing complex geometries and channels in the interior of a component.
  • Environmentally friendly: Almost 100% of the loose, unprinted material can be reused.
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3d printed impella from voxeljet
3d printed PMMA investment mold from voxeljet

Investment casting applications

Economical and time-saving. The additive production of plastic investment casting models using the voxeljet PMMA process. We use acrylic plastics with excellent burn-out properties. Particularly complex geometries can be produced cost-effectively in small and medium runs without the need for costly model production. Component sizes up to 1,000 x 600 x 500 mm³.


  • Complex components: almost no limits in geometry, wall thicknesses of only 1 mm possible.
  • Detailed models: thanks to a print resolution of up to 600 dpi.
  • Surface finishing: wax infiltration or epoxy resin infiltration for smoother investment castings.
  • Optimal burn-out behavior: No shell breakage because we have a negative thermal expansion coefficient.
  • Environmentally friendly: Almost 100% of the loose, unprinted material is reusable.
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Polymer functional parts

Functional Prototyping. Using the voxeljet Polymer High Speed Sintering (HSS) process, we produce plastic parts with properties equivalent to those of injection moulded parts from conventional production. Our 3D service centers manufacture extremely economically and in the shortest possible time without tools and without support structures. In any geometry, any complexity and with the highest level of detail. In component dimensions of up to 271,8 x 177,4 x 135,7 mm³. In the polymer PA12.


  • Complex components: Almost no limits in geometry, wall thicknesses of minimum 0.15 mm possible.
  • Detailed models: Thanks to a print resolution of up to 600 dpi.
  • High dimensional accuracy: No risk of heat distortion in the printing process - even with large 3D models.
  • 吉泽留美 退奶吉泽留美 退奶,极品b有哪几种极品b有哪几种,快穿糙汉娇妻h快穿糙汉娇妻hSurface finishing: The components can be colored and blasted as required.
  • Environmentally friendly: Almost 100% of the loose, unprinted material can be reused.
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polymer 3d sintering from voxeljet
3d printed mock-up from voxeljet

Design Models

Finely detailed architectural models, high-resolution film props, realistic exhibits or replicas of valuable museum pieces With 3D printing, unique pieces can be created quickly and without tools. Depending on the material, components or molds up to 4,000 x 2,000 x 1,000 mm³ can be produced with the highest level of detail.


  • Material variety: A wide range of materials can be printed using the voxeljet Binder Jetting process.
  • Simple finishing: Unprinted powder serves as a supporting structure. There is no need for complex final processing.
  • 360 dpi resolution: Products with precise edges and first-class print results.
  • Environmentally friendly: Almost 100% of the loose, non-printed polymer material is reusable.
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Complete casting parts

A special service offered by voxeljet is the contract production of complete castings according to CAD data sets. With the advantage that the moulds can be produced in 3D printing without tools, even with complex undercuts. This saves time and money without compromising on quality. With maximum metallurgical and casting technology know-how. In well-rehearsed processes, voxeljet realises projects with experienced partners from the foundry industry quickly, economically and in accordance with German quality standards.


  • Short delivery times due to tool-free production. Also, for highly complex geometries, thin-walled or biometric structures.
  • The smallest runs up to n=1 can be produced cost-efficiently.
  • Optimal, competent support throughout all steps of production.
  • Specialists for almost every casting process, every metal or desired alloy such as magnesium, aluminum, gray and iron castings, steel castings or gunmetal.
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casting part from voxeljet

3D HSS Polymer Sintering

voxeljet Polymer High Speed Sintering for functional 3D parts

3D polymer printing – state of the art. voxeljet High Speed Sintering (HSS) is an extremely powerful 3D printing technology developed by voxeljet for the high-performance production of the most precise polymer parts with plastic injection molds of comparable quality and durability. In contrast to conventional processes, sintering is not carried out using complex laser technology, but with pixel accuracy using heat-reactive binders. High Speed Sintering is therefore extremely reliable and robust in application, extremely fast and ensures high output even with large-volume objects. This process enables the use of a wide range of polymers, such as PA12, PP, TPU, PEBA and also EVA.

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3D Universal Binder Jetting

voxeljet Universal Jetting for 3D sand, plastic and ceramic printing

High-performance 3D printing with outstanding material freedom. voxeljet Universal Binder Jetting (UBJ) is an extremely powerful 3D printing technology developed by voxeljet for producing high-precision sand, PMMA and ceramic prints. For example, for the industrial production of sand cores for metal casting. In contrast to conventional processes, the binder is processed inline in the machine with pinpoint accuracy. For optimally controlled results with dynamic inline inkjet technology. Technology that can react agilely to the special physical requirements of your components. All 3D printing systems rely on high-quality, specially developed print heads designed for 24/7 operation.

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VX4000: The world's largest 3D printer for sand

The VX4000 is the largest 3D printing system for sand molds in the world. With a contiguous footprint of 4 x 2 x 1 meters, it is unique in terms of build volume. The VX4000 is the largest 3D sand mold printing system in the world. With 4 x 2 x 1 meters of uninterrupted space, it’s unparalleled in terms of build volume. Despite your high-volume production jobs, the VX4000 ensures consistent build times and impressive precession and part quality.

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Support &Services

Our voxeljet team is available to answer any specific questions about the innovative uses of 3D printing in your production, maintaining machines autonomoulsy or qualify new materials. Optimizing production with additvive manufacturing technologies is a first priority at voxeljet.

Additive spare part production by voxeljet
Additive Production Backup

As a reassurance for smooth production, voxeljet offers our production centers as backup capacity at special conditions for commissioning, unplanned downtimes and peak loads.

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Additiv casting 4.0 by voxeljet
Casting manufacturing 4.0

Complete castings in magnesium, aluminum, gray and iron castings, steel castings and bronze directly from the CAD data set With complex undercuts, realized in 3D printing without tools.

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3d printing training by voxeljet
voxeljet Academy

Learn all about the possibilities of how additive manufacturing makes your production even more efficient. Or learn from 3D printing experts how digital-driven production will change your industry.

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Parts On-Demand. Get in touch

Industrial 3D Printing Systems

Our portfolio of industrial 3D printers ranges from compact systems for research to additive mass production.

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